How to experiment in the bedroom on the cheap

With the credit crunch and recession all around us there are no shortages of places where you’ll want to try and save money. I’m sure you’ve been cutting down on how much you drink, you’ve stopped buying brand name food at the supermarket – and become and expert and which budget brands taste just the same if not better and your bills are as low as ever. But have you looked at saving money in the bedroom? Having a little adult fun in the bedroom is by no means cheap. For an activity that itself is more or less free – buying some extra items can really push the cost up. If you’re making an effort to save everywhere else, you should be attempting to save in the bedroom too.

Buy condoms in bulk. They are much much cheaper online. Almost all adult toy stores sell them online and even through the NHS. If you want free ones then you can take the trip to a GUM clinic and they will be happy to hand you as many as you like!

Getting kinky:
If you’ve found yourself wearing the pages thin in your copy of 50 shades you may want to try some of it out in the bedroom. The proper kit can be expensive, even then “official” stuff isn’t cheap. However the best toy is your mind. Role play more. Instead of rope and blindfolds, try scarves. Instead of buying expensive toys, try using phallic shaped fruit and veg (with condoms for protection – and be very careful). Try describing your fantasies while you’re doing stuff as this can be just as exciting. Ice cubes can also be fun to play with (as long as you’re safe and let it melt a little first)

Use Coupons
If you’re buying online then always look for coupons! This applies to all shopping but lots of adult stores have coupons and discounts. naughty coupon codes is a good site that specializes in JUST adult codes. There’s even a coupon code for guys too.

Read and watch together
There is plenty of free adult material online (who’d have thought!). Discuss fantasies and ideas, look up videos or stories that match and have fun watching and playing along at the same time. Let them pay for all the expensive stuff while you can enjoy watching the fantasy together. This may work especially well on fantasies that probably wouldn’t be as easy to act out in real life.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. Talk to your partner, let them know what you like and ask them what they like. You may find that you don’t need to bring anything extra into the bedroom at all!

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